Stylizmo's fabulous walk in robe

We all love a walk in robe, and I just had to share this amazing one by Nina Holst of Stylizmo.
Nina converted a small office space into the walk in robe of our dreams with a lot of style and some basic Ikea components, a budget make over with a very high end feel.  
Very very inspiring!  Nina has great style and taste and her home is just gorgeous.

See all her tips here, I particularly love the hanging rails used for displaying and storing high heel shoes, sunglasses and belts, and I love the white on white colour scheme. 
While you are there go back through the archives for more inspirational styling and table decor ideas.  
Nina, if you ever visit Australia, please come and style my home!

All images with kind permission of Nina Holst of Stylizmo.

top read, tween and kick off the year

After the bustle of the festive season its fab to have the time to get stuck into a book.  Here are our favourite family reads just in time for the long weekend.

{Cockroaches - Harry Hole}
I am a huge fan of the Harry Hole series.  They reminds me of the Inspector Rebus series in many ways but have their own special character.  Note - they are worth reading in order as the later books refer back to events in earlier cases which can be a bit of a spoiler. 
This an early case, written before the start of the series.  I have enjoyed them all!

{The Mark of Athena - Rick Riordan}
The latest in the second Percy Jackson series.  Miss E has loved every one so far.  As usual the stories and characters career off at a cracking pace with a cliff hanger at the end, leaving you champing at the bit for the next book to come out.

{Little Piggy's Got No Moves}
A favourite of mine and Miss J's right now.  Everybody seems to have moves except Little Piggy, but of course he can really dance too.  Makes us giggle every time I read it.

trend forecast - strawberry champagne

Its not pink, its not gold, it is the current metallics trend softened and faded, it is eternally CHAMPAGNE.  Nude with a shimmer, neutral with a hint of naughty, and I think its going to be big this year. 

Its classic luxe again (see modern safari style here) - teamed with greys, natural woods and greens.  (Above - Wit + Delight , Below - Vintage Revivals)  Yes I know below is technically copper, but the overall design feels champagne.  Great diy too.

Or for the summer

Dress by Camilla and Marc,  mini champagne ballet flats,  champagne for your eyes by Michel Klein ,  champagne for your arm by Kate Spade,  champagne for your feet from Nine West  

And always perfect in a glass on a hot summers night...

modern safari for your home

Loving the feel of modern safari.  Casual, well worn, practical, sandy colours from washed out greys to tans, mixed in with crisp black and white, a hint of vintage military.  Eternally elegant...

Karen Blixen black and white photo with a leather safari chair (source unknown)

The adventurers collection (above)

This could be, yes it really could be the final sofa in my search.  Modern lines, masculine rather than pretty, leather at a good price.  Watch this space.

All I need now is a gin and tonic.

a fresh start ...plans for 2014

I believe in setting your intentions for the year, you need to know where you are heading.  
These are not resolutions, just the rough plan of achievements in 2014, a guide to measure progress against.

Looking back 2013 was a year for editing and storage and I was able to tick off:

  • playroom storage: still to share the final look with you (see the work in progress here)
  • entrance cupboard storage (see my ikea hack here)
  • pull out pants rack for the walk in robe (see the diy here)
  • garage storage: we hung lots of peg boards, high shelves for storage.  It looks great but is currently buried under a layer of sawdust as my hubby works on outdoor benches.
  • garden shed storage: a quick fix really, moved the bench we already had from the garage to the shed.  Not sure why it took us so long, it looks pretty and is the perfect storage place for seeds, garden food and treatments, and tools.  

2014 is going to be another year for editing

  • letting go of pieces of furniture that aren't working, 
  • building customised solutions to make our spaces work better, 
  • adding layers of design to rooms we have lived in for two years now.
The layering started with this new arrangement on the top of my Chinese dresser.  It had to move from the playroom to the entrance hall to make way for our new storage but was looking very out of place.  The hurricane lanterns and aloe, moved from other parts of the house make the space look layered and far more intentional (without buying a thing).  I am happy to keep it here a few months longer while we decide what to do with it.

In the short term I am planning:

Longer term plans:

  • living room storage 
  • credenza for my bedroom

It's a short list for now but we are always dreaming up new plans.

Blog plans:

Continue improving my photography. 
In November I did Holly Beckers wonderful ecourse Blog Your Way: Intention & Style which covers photography, editing and styling (highly recommend it), and Santa brought me a great tripod for my camera, so I have lots to practice.  I also want to do more pop up parties, flower arrangements and vignettes.  So much to look forward to.

I also plan to add some index tools to make it easier to navigate and find similar posts.  This is a big job which I am not sure I can do myself so it may take a few months.  

I loved working with Antonia of Ruby Slipper Floral Design and we are planning to work again together this year.  I am a huge fan of her work so I can't wait to see what we come up with. (see our last collaboration here)

One of my favourite posts last year the pop up party I threw in our hallway (bad weather forced us to move it from the garden.  It was fun to plan, made for great photo's, and made for a great evening with friends.  I definitely want to do more, next I am planning beach sundowners so watch this space.

If there is anything you would like to see let me know.  Coming up with ideas is often the hardest part, its always fun making those ideas come alive.

What are your plans for 2014?  Lets aim for the stars this year, but plan on enjoying the ride while we travel there.

flower arranging and lime

One last look back at 2013, I just have to share the flowers from my Christmas table with you.  I knew I was going to use pomegranates and ended up selecting of pinks and limes, with a few white touches, to go with them.
I was really pleased with how they turned out, many thanks to Antonia from Ruby Slipper Floral Design for her invaluable tips on how to create this type of centrepiece, see her tutorial here.  I would not have had the confidence to tackle these without her guidance.

From left: pomegranate, Christmas flower, green amaranthus, pale pink David Austin rose, lisianthus
Greenery: gardenias and viburnum

Step 1: Start by creating a green frame with the viburnum, gardenias, and Christmas flowers. (see above).
Step 2: Add the pomegranates and roses (for how to arrange with pomegranates see here)
Step 3: Finish with the lisianthus and amaranthus - love how the amaranthus drapes!

The fresh lime of the amaranthus and soft pink lisianthus looked wonderful together, next time I may use these on their own.

It looked wonderful with the gold polka dot table cloth, and the whole house was filled with the gorgeous scent of David Austin roses and gardenias.

Antonia and I are planning to work together again this year, if you have any arrangements you would like to know how to make let me know.

{Arrangements, flower selection and all photos by Eva of Build House Home}

A zesty start to the new year

Happy New Year to you all!!!

How gorgeous are these peppers picked straight from our garden!  They tasted delicious stuffed with cream cheese and smoked prapika, then roasted on the bbq.

May all our 2014's be as filled with colour, zestyness and zing.