be organised and win...with a personal planner or notebook

Lets start the week happy with a lovely product and a prize.  Monday feeling better yet?  You, my lovely readers, have a chance to make your own notebook or planner from 
To win a gift card: write a comment on this post, or at the link to this post on my facebook page, and tell me which 2013 theme you think is cutest.  
I love this TOP SECRET cover for the music and note book I designed for Miss E ($29). Scroll down to see the BUNNY THEME planner I created for myself ($40).  Everybody likes a cute pink bunny right?  

Above - choose your cover: Top Secret - perfect for my tween songwriter.  Each theme has 4 sub designs with different colours and graphics.  Cover choice may take you a while, there are some great options.
Above - choose the inner: Four sections that can each be different.  I chose a combination of music sheets, lined paper and squared.  Lines can be pink, grey or blue on white.
Below - make the title page personal:  You can include a favourite quote or poem, address - you make the rules.  I went sweet and simple here, with a warning for inquisitive little sisters.

There are several reasons I like this product:
- cute graphics and cover choices, I like the 2013 themes best.
- easy to use, quick to complete, competitively priced (a simple less personalised note book will cost around $20 compare to $29)
- good choices for notebook pages: lines paper, blank, squared paper & sheet music

Specific reasons I like the planner:
- 12 month calender that starts at the month of your choice.  Good when you are only getting organised in March
- personalise with birthdays and anniversaries
- innovative choice of note pages at end of planner: sudoku, squared paper & colouring pages are a genius addition
- add up to 3 weekly modules to suit your life: like a day care planner, exercise planner, to do list 

See my Bunny themed planner after the jump.

Above - choose the cover: How cute is that bunny cover, and I love that it continues into the weekly header see below.

Below - choose modules & add personal dates: Select up to 3 modules that suit your life, great practical choices.  Personalise with your own dates in this section.
Below - make it personal: Cover page with your choice of information or inspiration.
Below - personalise back pages: 2 sections with cute choices.  Sudoku and squared paper for me of course.

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Don't forget to enter the competition by leaving a comment on your favourite 2013 theme either at the end of this post, or on my facebook page.   If you aren't on either, and I know there are quite a few of you, I will accept an email.  
The winner will be announced mid April 2013.

Competition is open to international readers, prize cannot be exchanged for cash.